Radio Reaction -
What DJs and Radio Programmers Said

[The song continues to get airplay every anniversary]

"Kristy's song has definitely struck a chord in New York, it's the most requested song on WPLJ by a 2-1 margin.... more requested than Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, NSync, Destiny's Child and the Backstreet Boys."
Nov. 2001
Scott Shannon/WPLJ - New York City

There’s no paper in my fax machine, and my email inbox is all jammed up, and the phones are ringing off the wall.
There isn’t a dry eye on Long Island.
This song reminds us never to take anything for granted . . . to tell your family how much you love them every day . . . it is giving us strength to overcome the grief, and to hope that, through our unity, we will make the world a better place!

Rob Miller, Program Director, WALK, Long Island, New York

Kristy’s song has definitely struck a chord in New York, it’s the most requested song on WPLJ by a 2-1 margin . . . more requested than Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, NSync, Destiny’s Child and the Backstreet Boys.
Scott Shannon, WPLJ, New York

I felt the hair on my neck stand up the first time I heard the song and knew it was a smash! Not just that, but one that really needed to be heard. After playing it a couple of times on Monday morning, my audience confirmed what I thought. Thanks, Kristy!
Jack Murphy, “Murphy in the Morning,” WKZL, Greensboro, NC

Can’t keep up with the requests! Someone told me to issue a tissue alert before we play it. You’ve really touched people.
Barb Richards, WAJI, 95.1, Fort Wayne, IN

We’re still running your song in heavy rotation on our country station, WSAY/Rocky Mount and our soft rock station, WDLZ/Murfreesboro. Last month marked the beginning of my 20th year in broadcasting. I can easily say that this is the most powerful song I have encountered during my career and the only song I’ve actively supported. I commend you for writing this song.
Shawn Matthews, Corporate Operations Manager, WSAY-WRMT-WDLZ-WINX-WNHW-WYND

Not a day goes by that we don’t get calls requesting “Little Did She Know.” It has touched a lot of us here in Atlanta. I have heard from fellow morning hosts across the country and all of them are on this song and getting lots of requests. Nothing else I’ve heard comes as close to summing up our feelings for the brave people of Flight #93 and their families. God bless you, Kristy. Thank you for your song.
Kelly and Alpha, B98.5, Atlanta, GA

Kristy, your song is absolutely beautiful. When I heard it before my show, I wept. I played it five times on the air. The calls were overwhelming.
Rob Carson, Mix 94.1, Cincinnati, OH

A little song with a huge heart . . . and an even bigger impact. It captures the remarkable spirit of America in three minutes and seventeen seconds. Thank you, Kristy Jackson.
Sonny West, KYXY, San Diego, CA